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We are proud to be a Hope Centre church in Nelson. We believe the 'Church' was born in a move of the Spirit we call 'The day of Pentecost', this defines who we are. Through the centuries God has repeatedly moved to restore His church to functioning with a demonstration of the Spirit. The Hope churches have their distinct origin in a move of the Spirit in the 1930's and 40's which flowed from the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth in New Zealand.


As a Hope Church we belong to the Hope Network, a community of like-minded pentecostal churches and ministries that exist to strengthen leaders, ministries and churches in the pursuit of revival and work of the Holy Spirit. Hope Network promotes a positive, optimistic expression of church with a positive message of life and hope for the city. It is outward focused and missions orientated, actively supporting God's worldwide revival purposes by investing strategically into missions and releasing key people for ministry in the nations.

The Hope Network is based out of Hope Centre Lower Hutt,

Meet The Leaders

Mike Roche

Senior Leader, Hope Nelson

Jo Roche

Senior Leader, Hope Nelson

Seth Fawcet

Senior Leader,

Lower Hutt Hope Centre

Apostolic Leader/Founder, Hope Network

We are grateful to have a dedicated team who make Hope Nelson a family. We all pitch in and make things happen. Thanks to the musicians for sharing their gift with us week after week, we love worshipping together. The leadership structure at Hope Nelson will grow as we do, with the view of developing an eldership and leadership team. 


After over 20 years of serving in many ministry roles within the local church, Jesus appeared to both of us in 2008 and specifically called us to full time ministry. This led us to take our three children, Abbey, Kate and Georgia to study at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding California for two years.


While there the Lord birthed in us a hunger and love for His Presence and we became alive with things of His Spirit. We are grateful to the Lord for all we experienced and learned of Him while in California, it is a big part of our story in Him.


Before returning to New Zealand, we knew we were to move to Nelson, the centre of New Zealand and be part of what God was doing in this great City of His. It has been a privilege to serve the church and ministries in Nelson for the last six years and we are excited that we get to continue to do this as leaders of Hope Nelson, the first Hope Centre church in the South Island.


Being involved with the Hope Network feels like coming home. Blessings and we would love you to join us on the journey.  


Mike and Jo Roche

Ministry leaders


Paul Devine

Worship Leader

Light and Shadow

About us

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