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We hope you like our grizzly bear and appreciate our sense of humour and desire to lighten, without trivialising, the heart of giving.


We see giving financially as an act of worship, giving into God's purposes being fulfilled on earth, and a statement of faith that God is our good and ultimate provider. How you choose to give is between you and God.


At Hope Nelson we aim to be transparent and accountable with the expenditure and seek to be good stewards of the money given. We believe in being generous and living by faith and journeying together on what that looks like.

If you would like to give into Hope Nelson, we would appreciate your support in this way. Below are ways that you can give.

Be generous

We encourage you to be generous and give a little to others that you connect with in everyday life.


Please contact us if you would like the Hope Nelson bank account number to give online.


If you would a tax deductible receipt, please email us and we will give you a number so we can issue you a receipt at the end of the financial year.

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