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Our vision

Hope Nelson's vision


To be a dwelling place for the Spirit of God,

where all people and nations taste and see His goodness.

Hope Nelson's mission

To be a community of worship, a church of prayer,

equipping people to walk in power and purpose.


To create a place that God wants to inhabit, with a culture of worship, love and honour that sustains an ongoing move of God in the City.


We believe in keeping the first commandment the first commandment.

Matthew 22:37


We want people to experience; the love and acceptance of the Father, their identity and authority in Jesus Christ, and freedom and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


We believe that every person is a disciple of Jesus Christ, a worshiper, an intercessor, a missionary, and has a ministry.


We pursue revival, our message is of God's goodness and His Kingdom, spreading through cities and nations, changing atmospheres and bringing transformation.


We believe in earth reflecting the reality of Heaven.

Matthew 6:10

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