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The dwelling place is an open and surrendered heart, fully present. The dwelling place is founded on faith and built with trust in God's love and goodness. It flows on rivers of gratitude and worship, responding to Jesus revealed. The dwelling place thrives on time and intentional attention, to sit, to linger, to inhabit.


The dwelling place is belonging, being at home in his love, full of confidence to approach him and unbound by shame or fear. This is an intimate place, with attention and affection directed insistently and consistently toward Him and acknowledging his attention and affection likewise directed toward you. 


The dwelling place flows between the banks of the Word and obedience, forging greater depth. The dwelling place shifts focus to see past the chaos or mundane to notice the Kingdom. It is ready to risk and follow, to live in a Kingdom way in response. In the dwelling place, power and wisdom increase through his Spirit in you - and others recognise you have been with Jesus. 


The dwelling place is a shelter, simultaneously a strong fortress and protective wings. It is a place of rest. It is a place of hearing God's heart and expressing yours, dreaming dreams together, asking and receiving answered prayers. 


The dwelling place is a full, whole-hearted 'Yes'. 

Michelle Thorpe

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